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Learning to Drive

A Defensive Driver is one who has the right
Knowledge Ability and Attitude

Help for Learner Drivers e-Book
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Hot new Learning to Drive E-book by a driving instructor with 33 years experience. Receive the Tricks, Tips and Secrets you need to get your licence, Drive Defensively and keep yourself and others alive and well.

Confidence and Competence can be yours with the most comprehensive downloadable e-book for learning to drive

Just being able to make a car move doesn't make you a good driver.
There is nothing natural or easy about driving safely, it is a learned activity, practice is fine, first you must gain the knowledge necessary to know what to practice! Bad driving habits gained from inadequate or incorrect information can take twice as long to correct.
The secret in Real Estate dealings has been said to be: Position, Position, Position. The same can be said for being a safe driver: Being in the right road position at the right speed and at the right time to react correctly and in good time equates to a successful outcome.
Nerves are a major factor in taking any test, but with the right knowledge, practice and attitude nerves can be managed.

Check out this Extract from e-Book and see an example of what is in the book.

Would you like to have the secrets of Reverse Parking a Car?
Want to learn what the Driving Examiners are looking for on a Driving Test?
Want to learn the secrets of how to drive a standard geared car with Manual Transmission?
Would you like tips on driving from Novice up to Passing a Licence Test?

This 300 page E-Book IS NOW AVAILABLE

Learning to Drive

Learning to Drive e-Book
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STUDENT DRIVERS: Driver Education may cover many subjects to a stage of obtaining a licence, but many learners find that a more indepth coverage will enable them to be more confident and competent drivers, and passing your driving test first time is always a bonus. Download this book and have it available for permanent reference, it will save you from hours of stress and confusion and you will be ready to drive by yourself (fully licenced) much earlier and with more confidence.

This e-Book will help all who are involved in the driver training area, i.e. parents, friends and trainers as well as the learners themselves it is wise that their tutor refreshes their knowledge of driving problems and solutions.

You don't even need a Learning to Drive Permit to start reading a book, PREPARE EARLY, but remember, IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO LEARN GOOD DRIVING HABITS

Learning to Drive is one of the most dangerous undertakings for teenagers. Parents often don't know how to explain what to do in relation to driving a car, to them it is natural and they expect a child to just know what to do from having watched, this e-book will make it much easier for the parent who is tutoring and for the learner, it is written in easy to read language.

HELP for LEARNER DRIVERS is the Learning to Drive e-book that contains information which Compliments the ROAD RULE BOOKS.

Oct 2005
Dear Christine
Many thanks for teaching me to drive.
It was great to be able to refer to your e-book "Help for Learner Drivers" as it re-enforced in plain English what I was learning behind the wheel. I loved your stories and examples. The book should be compulsory reading for all learners and for the price it's a real bargain!
After reading your book and our lessons I now feel safe on the road!
Thanks again. Kathryn Brisbane

Hi Christine,
Thank you so very much for the manual, I have started to read it and already I am finding so many helpful facts.
I wish I had this before I started driving as it really prepares you for the things that are of concern and also facts that you need to know.
I definitely think that learners will buy it, I will be recommending it for sure.
Congratulations it's a fantastic manual, I love the way it is set out with the stories and everything. Thank you so much again, the manual is a true asset to any driver.
all the best, Laura : Australia

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Extract from page 20 of Help for Learner Drivers

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